Contract Negotiation

We can carry out reviews of proposed contracts (including all associated bonds, warranties, guarantees etc) at any stage in the negotiation process, to identify problems, risks and opportunities.

We assist our clients to obtain the best outcome for their construction projects.  Key to this is making sure that the contract terms agreed at the outset are right for the client and the project.

We can play a key role in making sure you are not signing up to terms which will be unrealistic, impractical or too onerous.

How can we help?

We can:

  • Review any tender documents and advise on potential problems, risks and opportunities
  • Review any associated bonds, warranties or guarantees and any other proposed contract documentation at any stage during the negotiation process
  • Ensure that supply chain contracts are back to back
  • Draft main or sub-contracts both standard form and bespoke
  • Draft bonds, warranties and guarantees
  • Attend contract negotiation meetings

Please contact us for advice at the start of your contract negotiations or at any time during the process.