Project Planning & Delay Analysis

All parties to a construction contract understand that Time is Money, perhaps because of painful experience.

Robust project planning is key to successful project management, especially in today’s world operating under modern forms of contract. Poor planning often leads to project over-runs and poor cost control. Inevitably, this results in commercial under-recovery for contractors and late and over-budget projects for employers, not to mention poor relationships which can develop.

We are well placed to provide a breadth of experienced support to contractors and employers of all sizes across various construction sectors to ensure that construction programmes are technically robust, compliant with the form of contract and most importantly, fit for purpose.

Even with the best preparations things do still go wrong and the unforeseen frequently happens, it is then that good programme management comes into its own. A key part of our business is to provide planning services and delay analysis support; often this is back-to-back with the core part of our service as ‘construction law specialists’.


To fail to plan is to plan to fail.

Without a robust plan, it is impossible to have any certainty over project outcome; it is impossible to understand whether a project is ahead or behind its targets or to understand how changes or delays may have affected it. Experience shows that those organisations which fail to adequately plan often have little control and ultimately suffer severe commercial consequences and an inability to recover its costs.

We draw upon the extensive experience and knowledge within its organisation to assist with the preparation of contract programmes to ensure technical compliance, buildability and that its commercial position is protected. We have particular  experience in conducting technical reviews of Cl32 programmes under the NEC forms where programme management is at the very heart of contract administration and commercial recovery. Our team can assist with the preparation or assessment of delay programmes or time-based compensation events.


Getting to the truth.

Understanding delay is an essential process which informs project management, contract administration and cost control. In the cases where disputes relating to delay arise, a clear understanding of facts based on evidence usually underpins successful commercial negotiation or possible formal proceedings.

An important part of contracting is the management of risk, and this can only be successful if risk is properly understood, and the consequences properly evaluated. However, project delays are often entirely unforeseen, and their effects and consequences misunderstood, especially from a commercial perspective. They can arise from a multitude of reasons, including instructed changes to works information, unexpected site conditions, difficulties with access, poor weather, or unplanned constraints.

We  provide specialist advice and support services to those parties who need to ascertain how and why delay has affected the overall success of their project. 

A robust programme is key to the management of delay, but the truth is buried within the evidence. Our successes have frequently been founded on our evidence-based delay investigation coupled with critical path analysis work.

Delay analysis and investigation are services offered both ‘in-house’ or co-ordinated through proven close relationships with industry experts. Together with our ‘quantum’ expertise, our ‘planning and delay analysis’ service sits alongside our ‘contractual and legal’ core strength.