Marine & Inland Waterways

We have significant experience advising clients in connection with marine and inland waterways construction projects.


Working in the marine sector can pose significant problems for Contractors.
Particular issues in this environment are:

  • The logistics of organising equipment and materials to any offshore or difficult to access coastal settings
  • Issues with weather dependency – e.g. only being able to work at certain tide levels or wind levels for the safe use of equipment
  • Extreme environmental sensitivity around sea life, clean beaches etc

It is therefore extremely important to ensure that the negotiated contract terms are suitable for that type of environment.

Inland Waterways

Inland Waterways

Construction work on inland waterways and lakes also presents similar issues to the Marine Environment such as

  • Logistics of machinery on river barges and banks
  • Other river traffic
  • Dependent on river/canal levels and tides in certain rivers for safe working
  • Environmental sensitivity

Projects in these sectors are usually complex and high value, often under framework contracts and driven by bodies like the Environment Agency or The Canals and Rivers Trust.
We have significant experience of marine and waterways projects including:

  • Quay widening and harbour extension works in an island environment
  • Flood alleviation schemes
  • Construction of fish passes
  • Offshore wind farms

We can advise clients pre-contract, assist with negotiating terms and in dealing with any issues which arise during the course of the project.

Please contact us for further information about our experience and how we can help you.