Yelland Savage – Year Long Student Placement in association with Coventry University

Following on from the success of offering a short-term placement to students from Staffordshire University, Morwenna Crichton has forged an association with Coventry University and will be presenting a lecture on potential future careers to LL.B students.

Coventry University offer its students the opportunity to undertake a year long placement in the legal sector as part of their degree course.

Yelland Savage will be taking on a student for a year starting in May, and, if the first placement is successful will pave the way for a long-term relationship with students from Coventry University.

Morwenna Crichton said “it is important to engage with the local community and Coventry is our local University.  We are looking forward to working with the successful student and helping them to build on the legal training they have already received and showing how this is applied in practice.  We already have a link to Coventry through Judith Wright one of our contracts consultants who studied for her LL.B at Coventry.”