Yelland Savage prove Santa does exist! …

A team of Yelland Savage Christmas elves stepped in to provide some Christmas comfort to the clients of Hope4 Rugby.  This helps local homeless and badly housed people in Rugby.

Yelland Savage raised money and purchased gifts to be distributed to Hope4 clients who visited the centre over Christmas.  The gifts were all items requested by the clients and included a pocket radio, alarm clock, torch, grooming and hygiene products, selection box, candy canes and chocolate coins. 

Each gift was wrapped and personally tagged for each person, reassuring them that they were thought of personally at Christmas. 

Speaking of the project Yelland Savage Director Morwenna Crichton said, “Hope4 offers an invaluable service to our local homeless and anything I and my team can do to help is a pleasure”… “It was important  to us that those receiving the gifts knew that they were considered personally and that the gift they received came  with love and best wishes for 2019”.

She went on to explain “not all homeless are found sleeping out on the streets, we have a growing number of people ‘sofa surfing’ with no home of their own relying on the kindness of friends and relatives, others are in hostels or temporary accommodation meaning they cannot set down routes – some of which have young children or dependants, it is very sad and we will  do all we can to assist them”.